Ark: Survival Evolved - The Falcon Keep (Speed Build)

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New mod: Castles, Keeps Forts Medieval Architecture Remastered! In this video, I show the building process as a speed build and timelapse from above of an epic castle built with CKFR. Download the mod from this link!
The other mods used are ecoTrees and medieval structures 2.

Very Very Epic Music:
00:00 Renaissance Castle - Doug Maxwell
02:22 Falketind - Edvard Bolås
06:40 Ark: Survival Evolved End Credits - Gareth Coker
11:08 Ride of the Valkyries - Wagner
16:30 Ancestral Legacy - Marc Jungermann
21:47 Traveler (Piano Version) - Alexander Nakarada
26:40 Beyond Tomorrow - Marc Jungermann
31:16 Morning Mood - Grieg
34:53 Eine Kleine Nachtmusic - Mozart
40:42 Ark: Extinction Ascension Theme - Gareth Coker
43:18 Falketind (Orchestral Version) - Edvard Bolås
(where do you think the castle got its name from?)
47:47 Neo Atlantis - Makai Symphony
Войны престолов игра обзор

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