Australia would be massive 'collateral damage' in a war between US and China

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Sky News contributor John Ruddick says Australia must "play our role in avoiding a pacific war" between China and the US because if one were to occur, we "will be a big time collateral damage".

Mr Ruddick said during the initial phases of COVID-19 in January "China lost the trade war with the US" because it signed a trade agreement.

"That was a big win for the US".

He told Sky News host Chris Smith the 'Thucydides trap' predicts when there is a great power and a "rival power appears on the horizon, they almost eventually go to war".

"If there's a war over the next couple centuries in the North Pacific between China and the US, that would make World War Two look like a little footnote in history".

Image: AP
Войны престолов игра обзор

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