Catelyn Stark Hates Jon Snow | Catelyn II | A Game of Thrones | Obsidian Nights Podcast

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Do you miss Game of Thrones? Well, During the Wait until House of the Dragon comes out, I've got you covered. The Obsidian Nights Podcast is a deep dive into A Song of Ice and Fire Chapter by Chapter! This is a look at the story thru a completely different scope, A new adventure in the world we all love. In this Episode of the A Song of Ice and Fire Podcast known as Obsidian Nights, Episode 7 is A Game of Thrones Chapter 7 Catelyn 2. We crack into ASOIAF and In this episode we get to go into the mind of Catelyn Stark and see how she ticks and why exactly she hates Jon Snow so much! Jon Snow is the one thing she never forgave Ned Stark for and Catelyn Stark says that the Starks just aren't like other men! Lets go!!!

Art Credits:
Weirwood -
The Pact - Magali Villeneuve for The World of Ice and Fire
Daenerys & Drogon -
Jon Snow & Ghost -
Nights Art - By My Sister
Winterfell -
Catelyn and Ned -
Jon Snow finds Ghost by Magali Villeneuve /Fantasy Flight Games

Obsidian Nights Theme Music:
Michael Botzaropoulous -

John Delvento:

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