CK2 AGOT: House Greyjoy | "The Scourge of All Seas"

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More Iron King insanity! King Goren utterly embarrasses The Reach by capturing a number of Gardener Princesses as well as the second Queen of the Reach! Then with his new stock of fresh concubines, he challenges one of the last 3 male Hoares to a duel and beheads him. Then duels the next for killing the former and cuts off his hand!

CK2 version: 3.2.1

-Horse Lords
-Rajas of India
-Sunset Invasion
-Monks and Mystics
-Holy Fury
-Sons of Abraham
-Jade Dragon
-The Reaper's Due
-Legacy of Rome
-Customization DLC
-The Old Gods
-Sword of Islam
-The Conclave
-The Republic
-Ruler Designer
-Way of Life

-A Game of Thrones v2.0
-A Revolutionary Borders mod
-A Game of Thrones - Forged Bloodlines
-Decisive Battles
-Interface: Century Gothic
-Interface: Stellaris Colors
-Rich Childhood


Crusader Kings 2 is a real time strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive and the Game of Thrones overhaul was developed by the CK2:AGOT development team. (At least that’s what it says on moddb)

Not sure which YouTuber got me into CKii or AGOT, but regardless, the amount of freedom and replayability that the game offers makes it utterly worthwhile purchasing.

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Войны престолов игра обзор

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