CK2 Game of Thrones: Last Storm King #26 - Great Siege of Casterly Rock (Series A)

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The Storm Kings, descended from Durran Godsgrief and his wife, the goddess of Storms, ruled the Stormlands for thousands of years up until the Targaryen conquest of Westeros.

We play 300 years following the conquest of the seven kingdoms and the destruction of House Durrandon during the reign of Robert Baratheon. A young lord has climbed his way to the rank of count and is claiming to be the final descendant of House Durrandon, born of the line of Argilac, the last storm kings, brother.

Will we be able to manifest our god's blood and become the true ruler of the storm, or will House Baratheon, the usupers of the Durrandon sigil and words, crush this rebellion upstart?

=== Full mod list ===

A Game of Thrones

AGOT Storm King Overhaul:

Artifact Aquistion Only
A Revolutionary Borders Mod
Artifact Search
Coloured Buttons
Decisive Battles
Interface: Century Gothic
Interface: Stellaris Colours

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"A Song of Ice and Fire" works and related content are Copyright © George R.R. Martin


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