CK2 Game of Thrones | The Knights of Andalia - Enger Sevenstar II #2 | The Joys of Kingship.

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Hey everyone and welcome back to the Citadel with me Grand Maester Stitch, where we return to Andalia as King Enger Sevenstar, 2nd of his name.

The Great Sickness finally begins to slowly fade away from the great kingdom of Andalia to make way for the beginning of a new era. King Ambrose is dead, drinking and eating himself in to an early grave, yet somehow out living all his great councilors who helped shape Andalia in to the power house it is today. unfortunately before dying he manged to leave the crown in excessive debt thanks to the poorly timed invasion of the northern vale, although successful and his attempt to grow the Norths economy. Now his son and heir Enger Sevenstar II must pick up the pieces, most of the Sevenstar loyalist are now long dead, leaving in their place highly ambitious and untrustworthy subjects. Will the boy king be able to recapture his namesakes glory or will the burden left on him by his father be to much to handle?

The Coronation of King Enger Sevenstar 2nd of his name rapidly approaches, once crowned the young king aims to set in motion his many ambitions of revenge and glory.

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