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Hey everyone and welcome back to the Citadel with me Grand Maester Stitch, where we return to CK2 AGOT, with a brand new custom house series, play as the legendary Warg King!

The warg king was a legendary figure thought to have lived around the age of heroes, all we know of the warg kings were found in scattered ancient documents of the Nightfort.

The Warg kings who was thought to have ruled from sea dragon point, as the name suggests he was a great skin changer, who had the ability to warg all manner of beasts and apparently was allied with the mystical children of the forest and the other ancient races, no doubt this is where he learnt and honed his warging skills from. Like many legends from history the names of the warg king has been forgotten to time, all we know is, like many other kings of this era such, as the great Marsh kings, red kings Barrow kings and more they were defeated and unlike some who still survive they were then wiped out by the kings of winter, house stark. The warg king, all his sons, beasts and greenseers were killed by the Kings of winter, his daughters however were taken back to Winterfell as prizes and married in to house stark, like many other daughters of extinct kingdoms from this time...

In this series however we will be traveling back 1000s of years to a time when the north wasn’t the north we know today but a selection of petty kingdoms, before they were all either bent or wiped out by the Starks, all of which were fighting for dominance, the winter kings of house stark, the red kings of house Bolton, the barrow kings of house Dustin, the wolfswood kings of house Glover, the giant kings of house umber, the kings of the rills, the marsh kings of the neck, the flint kings as well as petty mountain tribes and of course the warg king of sea dragon point who we will be following!

Not only is the north different in Who rules but it is also a much more magical place, the children of the forest still live throughout the land as well as the giants and old beasts such as the direwolfs. the wildlings are a much more dangerous and formidable foe, yet to be left behind by the advancements south of the wall and the nights watch is at its peak still a respected and honourable order throughout Westeros, with memories of the long night and the dreaded 13th lord commander who named himself the nights king still fresh in the mind of all!

Our aim for this series is to rewrite history, we hope to stop the warg kings from going extinct and to stop the dominance of the kings of winter, hopefully keeping the north as the true north of old, a home for the true first men and all the ancient races of Westeros to which this land belonged, way before the coming of man and to respect the pact that all our races pledged one another at the isle of faces!

Thank you all so much for watching as always, I really hope you enjoyed, please don't forget to like and subscribe and chat with me in the comments below, it would really help the channel grow! :)

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