CK2: Gods On Earth #22 - Heaven VS Hell (Series B)

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Many times we've seen how you make a god. Either through immortality, dark magic, or born into destiny. But how do you unmake a god?

The Germanic, Norse, Suomenusko, Greek, Egyptian, and Dark Gods walk the Earth once again and a single zealot from deep within the Catholic borders has decided to take up the cross and Deus Vult like no one has Deus Vulted before.

=== Full mod list ===

Starting Save Game:

Steam Collection:

Main Conversion: Mythos (Gods, Ancient Religions, Fantasy Races)

Other mods included:
- Artifact Aquistion and Overhaul
- A Revolutionary Borders Mod
- Artifact Search
- Bigger Interface
- Caesar's Books
- Roll's Community Traits Mod
- Crusader Mounts
- Decisive Battles
- Flogi's Buildings and Technology Mod
- Flogi's Techmod Trade Route Addon
- Historical and Fantastical Artifacts
- In Heavens Graphics Overhaul + No Fog
- Interface: Century Gothic + Stellaris Colours
- Dynastic Damascus Swords
- MTA - New Artifacts
- Nicknames+++
- Friendly Non-Aggression Pacts
- Patrum Scuta
- Great Trade League
- Orders of Chivalry
- Sufi Schools
- Nomina Vera

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Po Box:

PO Box 204

=== Legal ===

Crusader Kings II and related properties are
Copyright © Paradox Interactive AB.
As per;

Music from
"Getting it Done" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licence: CC BY (
"Supernatural" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licence: CC BY (


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