Death is the Enemy — Arya and the Night King (Game of Thrones)

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Edit: I have a new theory why the Night King never saw Arya at all from the future—if he can indeed see bits and fragments, at least, like Bran—solely because she was meant to go to King's Landing. But changed course when Hot Pie told her about Jon Snow.

Remember when Bran reunited with Arya at the godswood (S7E4), he mentioned, "I thought you'd go to King's Landing." The new Three-Eyed Raven was totally convinced she was heading there, but now that she's in Winterfell, this must be how he "manipulated" the events and "controlled" the future outcome without the Night King ever knowing she would be the one to kill him.

Who do you think is the Lord of Light? I once had an idea that it might be the Night King, but thinking about it now and after re-watching all the episodes for the umpteenth time, I am a bit certain it let's see shall we.

I always thought the gods in Westeros/Essos don't exist. Only magic from the Children of the Forest and impeccable bloodlines (like the Starks, Faceless Men, etc.) that were descendants from the Children and the First Men/Andals. The people who possessed warg, necromancy, and the sight have abilities that can enter and see from the eyes of the animals (humans if it's very powerful like Bran) and weirwood tree, and also can witness the past, present, and fragments of the future. The only candidates were the Night King and the Three-Eyed Raven.

Therefore, I conclude, with little certainty, that the Lord of Light (which the worshipers thought he is real and the one true god, but not really) is Bran the Broken/Three-Eyed Raven.

But to quote Beric Dondarrion, I don't think it's our purpose to understand, maybe that's enough.
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