Ep 8.6 Commentary Clips, Game of Thrones: Benioff & Weiss Gaslighting Emilia Clarke about Coffee Cup

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Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 6 "The Iron Thrones" Blu-ray commentary clips ---- In which showrunners Benioff & Weiss gaslight Emilia Clarke by persistently trying to get her to admit that she was the one who left a coffee cup on screen in episode - and ignoring that neither they nor their directors noticed the mistake during filming, dailys, or the months-long post-production shot. So even if it WAS Emilia, it's really more their there were dozens of cast & crew at that big feast scene. For all we know the key grip left it there or something.

Consider that instead of discussing Daenerys's Season 8 character arc in this commentary, Benioff instead takes time to taunt Emilia about a filming error - one she may have been totally irresponsible for.

What the heck was it actually like working with Benioff & Weiss? Their relationship with the cast & crew? The whole commentary goes on like this: Emilia is laughing and seems to be if you pay attention, she's consistently laughing at jokes made at HER EXPENSE, and you start to she just know how to play the game? She knows she's supposed to be acting like everything is smiles and sunshine between her and the showrunners? She's a good actor, so I can't tell if she's faking have to see the whole thing in context. It's very strange and raises a lot of questions.
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