Epic Low Brass “Jenny of Oldstones” Game of Thrones (Cover for 40 Low Brass)

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Game of Thrones /Jenny Oldstones (cover) for 40 Low Brass. (19 Bass Trombones, 2 Contrabass Trombones, 2 Cimbassos, 8 Tubas, and 9 Tenor Trombones)

In Memory of Sam Pilafian (1949-2019)
Our friend and colleague Sam passed away this year, after a lifetime of incredibly influential music making and teaching. He spent the entirety of his remarkable life sharing his unique gifts and boundless energy with others, and has left behind a powerful legacy of positive impact on the lives of countless musicians. His unbridled enthusiasm for music truly lives on in all of us who knew him. Sam was also a big fan of our original video. We pay tribute to him here- the only way we know how- with low brass.

Mike Boschen • conductor
Marcus Rojas • tuba solo
Joe Alessi • tenor trombone
Paul Bellino • tenor trombone
David Finlayson • tenor trombone
William Lang • tenor trombone
John Romero • tenor trombone
Brian Santero • tenor trombone
Weston Sprott • tenor trombone
Colin Williams • tenor trombone
Nikki Abissi • bass trombone
Joe Barati • bass trombone
George Curran • bass trombone
Richard Harris • bass trombone
Matt Ingman • bass trombone
Sara Jacovino • bass trombone
Burt Mason • bass trombone
Nathan Mayland • bass trombone
Kyle Mendiguchia • bass trombone
Steve Norrell • bass trombone
Christopher Olness • bass trombone
James Rogers • bass trombone
John Rojak • bass trombone
Jack Schatz • bass trombone
Max Seigel • bass trombone
Mike Seltzer • bass trombone
Dale Turk • bass trombone
Jennifer Wharton • bass trombone
Bill Whitaker • bass trombone
Jeff Nelson • contrabass trombone
Nick Schwartz • contrabass trombone
Steve Johns • cimbasso
Morris Kainuma • cimbasso
Christian Carbone • tuba
Ron Caswell • tuba
Joe Exely • tuba
Chuck Kerrigan • tuba
Dan Peck • tuba
Andrew Rodgers • tuba
Marcus Rojas • tuba
Kyle Turner • tuba

Music by Ramin Djawadi
Arranged for Low Brass by Brian Mahany

Recorded live on April 28th, 2019 at The DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York City.

Recorded by Bove Audio
Produced by Andrew Bove and Mike Boschen
Engineered, Edited and Mixed by Andrew Bove
Assistant Engineers: Mario Correa and Doug Bove
Video filmed and edited by Purple Critter Media http://www.purplecritter.us

Press and Booking Inquiries:
Twitter: @boveaudio
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