Finally Reviewing the Final season of "Game of thrones" a Whole Year later

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Last year I just didn't care enough to make a video about this. I was going through depression in my personal life and didn't care to make many videos during this time. I was let down like many others and making a video where I screamed like a child who got vanilla cake instead of Chocolate seemed stupid childish and unhealthy. At the end of the day I have so much respect for the crew that put hard work into making this final season and wanted to give those people that put their lives work into this project credit. I doubt this video will get many views but if one person who happen to of worked on this show happens to come across this video sees this I wanna say thsnk you. Yes, even if you by some chance happen to be Weiss or David Benioff (probably won't be). This show was special to me, thank you for the years of fun it brought me even if the ending didn't work like I wanted. And if you are just some person like me who's reading this description in their bedroom please stay at home if you're non essentiel and can, and have a great day.

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