Game of Thrones Epic Piano Mashup/Medley (Piano Cover)

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Game of Thrones has finally ended, and I decided to make a mashup out of it. I know I don't really do GoT covers, but they have some really nice and amazing soundtracks among all TV series. The mashup will include soundtracks coming from all seasons (season 1 - 8) :
- "Winterfell" House Stark Theme
- "Rains of Castamere" House Lannister Theme
- "Light of the Seven"
- "Blood of my Blood" House Targaryen Theme
- "The Children" Arya Stark's Theme
- "The Throne is Mine" House Baratheon Theme
- "Chaos is a Ladder/The Throne is Mine" House Baelish/Littlefinger's Theme
- "Truth" Jon Snow & Daenerys Love Theme
- "The Night King" Night King's Theme
- "For Cersei" - Jamie & Cersei Death Theme
- "Main Title" Game of Thrones Opening Intro Main Theme

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