Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5: Daenerys Goes for The Red Keep (RE-EDIT)

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So, First of all, I know this might not be the best re-edit there is, but it took me like 20 minutes to make this.


Jaime rings the bells, Daenerys hungry for revenge (which is very human of her) goes straight to the Red Keep to burn it down to ashes because that is where her ENEMIES are.
Greyworm hungry for revenge sacks the city and all men follow the massacre. Which also makes sense because even the greatest leaders cannot contain crowd hungry for blood, as soon as the city gate falls massacre is inevitable.
While Daenerys burns down the Red Keep, we remember that Aerys had a stash of wildfire under it, so the dragon fire ticks it off and KABOOM! the chain of wildfire explodes the city, burning people killing innocents.

This is not what Daenerys wanted. She never wanted to be her father and she knows she is not her father, but that hunger for revenge which ended with innocents dying will forever label her as the mad queen.

So therefore, the finale would be amazing.

I am missing tons of scenes, this is just a basic outline of what could've been. I could have wasted a day or two on this and make it a 10-20 minute long re-edit with complete scenes, but showrunners gave up, so I might too.

Depends if you like what I tried to say here.
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