GAME OF THRONES SEASON 8 - Full Original Soundtrack OST

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►00:00 Main Titles (Game of Thrones Theme)
►01:52 The Rains Of Castamere
►05:37 Arrival At Winterfell
►09:21 Flight Of Dragons
►12:13 Heir To The Throne
►14:40 Jenny Of Oldstones
►17:11 A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms
►19:11 The Battle Of Winterfell
►23:15 The Dead Are Already Here
►28:10 Battle For The Skies
►32:23 The Long Night Pt 1
►36:06 The Long Night Pt 2
►39:53 The Night King
►48:44 Dead Before The Dawn
►52:59 Not Today
►55:21 Farewell
►01:00:52 Outside The Gates
►01:05:01 The Bells
►01:08:45 The Last War
►01:16:22 Into The Fire
►01:18:06 For Cersei
►01:22:30 Believe
►01:26:55 Stay A Thousand Years
►01:29:25 Nothing Else Matters
►01:31:32 Master Of War
►01:36:22 Be With Me
►01:38:07 The Iron Throne
►01:43:47 Break The Wheel
►01:48:17 You Have A Choice
►01:50:40 The White Book
►01:52:30 The Last Of The Starks
►01:57:43 A Song Of Ice And Fire

Soundtrack - by Ramin Djawabi

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