Game of Thrones - SERIES FINALE 8x6 The Iron Throne [Part 1] - GROUP REACTION!

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Wow. It's truly hard to believe we're here to watch the end of the show. What a story it has been. Even if you have frustrations and disappointment in regards to the writing you cannot deny the impact this epic has had on the world.

The sheer amount of community building, YouTube channels, and entire careers made off of this just proves how hype and catchy this show was to people from all walks of life! This is The Normies reaction to Season 8 Episode 6 the series finale of Game of Thrones! The Iron Throne!

Brown David Benioff and Brown D.B. Weiss AKA our B & B instead of D & D were such a joy to have interview in the studio. They shared lots of key insights to what went on in the writers room this season.

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