Game Of Thrones Soundtrack - Night King's Theme (S7 + S8 Compilation)

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Not to be confused with the piano theme actually titled "The Night King", which I may do a video of later. ;) Composed by Ramin Djawadi. Also includes the general White Walker theme, the "Long Night" theme (just to add to the confusion) and the show's main theme. Tracks used:
0:00 "The Army Of The Dead"
1:10 "Against All Odds"
2:05 "The Long Night, Pt. 2"
2:43 "Battle for the Skies"
3:15 "The Army Of The Dead"
6:07 "Against All Odds"
6:38 "The Long Night, Pt. 2"
7:00 "The Long Night, Pt. 2"
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