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Before the swords forged and after the fire melted, before the wars, the nights, the wedding that were massacred, the king's bled, the queens cursed, the house of fire and blood rose from it's ashes, before the mad kind and after the mad queen. One thing that remained consistent, the one thing that bought us together was the story of fire and ice, the story about the game of thrones, the one told in the beginning. The song that begun these 8 years which formed house of it's own outside Westros. The house that loved the Game, the game of thrones and has bent the knee long time ago. It is us the fans, who sprung their own tales, gave their own ends, predicted their own Kings and for this house is this little token of love, a parting gift I suppose for our watch has finally ended. So here's presenting before you, the first song, the song that forged us all.
Hope you like it !!

Credits :
Keyboard/Piano : Gaurang Palondicar
Guitar : Gaurang Palondicar
Video and Editing : Gaurang Palondicar

Special thanks to Swara Nayak for this lovely caption.

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