Game Of Thrones theme song | Indian Classical dance cover | Sushmita and Vruksha

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Valar Morghulis!!
From the day it started, to this day!!
Always this music gave us goosebumps and curiosity to look forward for the episodes.
Nearly 8 years of wait, numerous predictions, some disappointments, unexpected triumphs, overjoyed thrilles and what not! Until this day where all our feelings have definitely gratified.
On this day of the judgement!
some must have been overwhelmed, and some must have been discontent, but in all the years this series has always purged our emotions.
We present a small dance cover as our last watch has ended!
Tribute to this epic theme song!
Hope you guys like it!

Music - Game Of thrones theme song- Indian classical version by Mahesh Raghvan

Valar dohaeris!!
Войны престолов игра обзор

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