Game of Thrones Unanswered Questions after Season 8 (Jon, Bran, Dany, Cersei, Arya & Plot Holes)

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Why make Jon a Targaryen?
Why was Jon Snow still alive after he killed Dany?
Does the world know Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen?
Why didn’t Jon’s lineage come up during the trial by Tyrion?
Did any of Varys letters make it to anyone?

Where did Bran go/warg during episode 3?
Can Bran see the future?

What was the point of Arya and the White Horse in episode 5?
Was Cersei really pregnant?
Did any of Varys letters actually make it to anyone?
Who was everyone at the trial? (At least 4 unrecognizable)
Does Daario know Dany is dead?

Why is there still a Nights Watch?
What happened to the Craster babies?
Why did the Wildings and Jon go back behind the wall?

Where did the Dothraki go?
What happened to Meera?
What happened to Nymeria?
What happened to the Faceless Men and Jaqen?
What happened to Hot Pie?

Who is going to be the new Master of Whispers, Laws, or War?
What about every prophecy? (Prince who was promised, green eyes, Valonqar)
Where was Dorne during the war?
What did Varys hear in the flames when he was emasculated? Why??

What was the purpose of the Iron Bank?
Why was the North the only one to become independent?
Why didn’t we have one scene of Drogon after?
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