House Stark Theme - Game of Thrones (S1 - S8) - Ultimate Mix

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------------------------------------------Winter is Coming--------------------------------------


00:00 E09S01 End Credits
00:57 Goodbye Brother
3:52 Winterfell
4:42 Home
7:02 Winterfell
8:47 You can Give Me The North
9:11 Sansa's Decision
9:40 Sansa and Littlefinger
9:55 Sansa Returns To Winterfell
10:22 Sansa is not Afraid of Miranda
11:20 Take Charge of Your Life
12:54 A Game I Like to Play
13:54 Heir To Winterfell
15:58 Winter Is Coming
17:52 Hold the Door
19:49 Believe
22:41 Kill Them All
24:58 The North Remembers
27:15 The Wars To Come
27:50 Arrival at Winterfell
28:14 The Tower
30:43 King of the North
31:47 Break the Wheel
33:32 I Have To Go North
34:50 The Children
35:25 Trust Each Other
36:09 Jon's Honor
37:24 Winter Has Come
40:33 The Last of the Starks

All the music was composed by Ramin Djawadi
No copyright intended
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