Jump King: New Babe+ 100% Run 【Red Blood Gem / Giant Boots / Segmented】

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Just a walkthrough for now while I work on 0 falls / WR.

If you managed to beat this run on your first clear (100% as well) then post your stats in the comments :)

-------------------------------------------- Timestamps --------------------------------------

White Crows Reward: 31:58

Silver Coins:

05:32 - 1st Coin
06:04 - 2nd Coin
06:36 - 3rd Coin
08:10 - 4th Coin
10:29 - 5th Coin
16:11 - 5th Coin (Thanks for Achrotone and anyione else I might've missed!)
28:11 - 6th Coin
33:45 - 8th Coin (full jump from the top right platform right edge)
34:27 - 9th Coin
35:16 - 10th Coin

New Boots: 37:41




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