Light Show: Music and Flash light matching app on Game of thrones theme music

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Light show is a Fast Fourier Transformation based data over audio communication protocol which synchronizes inaudible short tones of 0.001 sec t0 0.002 sec on the actual music and relays to smartphone without any need of additional hardware. This works in similar manner as bluetooth employing electromagnetic waves and alternate manner of data relay. Data is extracted in the smartphone using Fast Fourier Transformation from a set of frequency/amplitude vectors derived from incoming audio. Triggers are concentrated between 16-22 kHz to minimize conflict with environmental noise and to remain human-inaudible. This can be used in shows, unlocking content on apps, PR and branding.

This can be used for triggering commands on the smartphone through a television broadcast, online video, radio commercial, film and movies. Users can be rewarded for tuning in, products can be linked to during a featured commercial, coupons can be distributed, etc. Location-based “push” notifications can be used to segment users based on their proximity to various speakers.
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