Making Shields from Kingdom Come Deliverance Game

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In this video I made 3 shields from Kingdom Come Deliverance Game. One is less then more historical but close enough XP. Other two shields are wall hangers.
- First one is the coat of arms from z Dvorce (Radzig Kobylas
- Second one is the coat of arms of Talmberg.
- Third one is the coat of arms from z Lipé (Hans Capos family).

▶ Shield Measurements:
- Shield size is 48 cm wide x 61 cm high (46 cm when bent)
- 1st and 3rd Shield are made from 2 sheets of 4 mm plywood
- 2nd Shield is made from 15 mm thick planks. Width is 43 mm on the narrower side with 2.3(-ish) degrees.

When you make one I would love to see it. Feel free to send me the photo of it on Instagram: epic_workshop :)

I really hope that you like the video :D
Have an EPIC day bros !!!


▶ Beautiful Music composed by Jan Valta and Adam Sporka:

Village Atmosphere 5
City Music 3
Fist Fight
Rattay Feasts
Good Luck, Son
Beer and Women
Village Atmosphere 8
Poverty and Famine [Explicit]
Brotherhood of Bravery

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