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Have you ever washed your hands?

In doing so you obliterated an entire ecosystem of bacteria. Hundreds of thousands of life forms displaced and destroyed in the blink of an eye, and you've never even thought about it.

You zoom out enough and the fate of races and worlds and gods are so small and unimportant as to be nothing. The empty worlds still spin. The stars still burn. The rise and fall of species is as insignificant to the worlds as a coating of dust is to a rock. The rock as insignificant to a beach. The beach as insignificant to a world. The world as insignificant to a universe. A universe as insignificant to the Omniverse. And perhaps, the Omniverse just as insignificant to something we have no hope of comprehending.


Playing Gods is an action-packed genre-spanning epic deeply exploring the concept of power, and how it affects not only its subjects, but those who wield it.

Xriah and Vylis, two avatars empowered with superhuman abilities, are repeatedly thrust into wildly varying worlds to do battle on behalf of their respective deities. Though the true nature and purpose of their endless duel is shrouded in mystery, both avatars' faith in their purpose is strong and unwavering. Each battle on these worlds is a battle to the death, and while death may be a temporary inconvenience for these immortal combatants, it is not so temporary for the world’s unfortunate inhabitants who are inevitably caught in the crossfire.

Playing Gods is influenced by several artistic works including Deus Ex, Dragonball Z, Simon R Green’s Deathstalker, Game of Thrones, video games in general, and firsthand experience of the disturbing dysfunctional innerworkings of US federal agencies.

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Art and Animation by Karen Rohan

Sound design by Chris Rohan

Voice Acting by Dave Coyne

Vocal Direction by Rick Rohan
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