Quick Look | Silent Hill [Uncensored version](1999) PlayStation 1 HD | a game that created Standards

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Let me start this , why some people will not be able to finish it now ...Today's Derpy Generation ... there was a person that said "The new generation of gamers , that are disappointed in a set series new sequel ... or new fans of a set series will have trouble revisiting its Roots ... play those Classics... and finish them"

The thing is, Silent Hill was created in a age when games had to be cryptic and hard ... on one side, to hide its length ... on the other , force on you shelling out money to help you finish this game (using a expensive Hint PhoneLine or buying a Guide\Game Companion) ... in other words , games had a hidden paywall ... on Nintendo Systems games where tied with the Nintendo Power Magazine (a fine Example is Castlevania II: Simon's Quest) ... on PS1 with Prima Games Publishing

Not to mention , the core mechanic of old survival games was build on backtracking ... 80% of the game you will run back and forth ... just to force a reaction on one side of the map, that will open the next thing on the other side ... and "IF A SET GAME BECOMES POPULAR , EVERY GAME WILL APE ITS MECHANICS" ... and thus all Survival Games are now like that :/

This will throw some people off... since new games are build with tutorials , hand holding , and with all the needed knowledge to complete it inside the game ... you go from point A to B ... build to not loose the player , to not make him rage ... games cannot be cryptic to those derpy players ... so how to make "Derpy Gamers of Today" shell "MORE" money on your product ... DLC , cut things from the game and sell it to them on a later date ... or ramp the difficulty to extremes and sell them cheats to complete this game ...

But yeah , many will just look at the game and "Google The Solution" ...

By the why , this is the Uncensored NTSC version of the same presented it in all its HD glory ... then its Pal version that was tame with removed imagery

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