The Walking Dead Season 10 Release Date, Trailer, Cast And Story

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The Walking Dead saw some drastic changes during its ninth season, raising countless questions about season 10. With the season premiere arriving soon, we've gone ahead and pulled together everything you need to know heading into the tenth year of dramatic, complex, gruesome zombie madness.

For those wondering what The Walking Dead has in store for its tenth season, an extensive trailer was released at Comic-Con in July 2019. One of the primary themes of the trailer was fear — not of the undead, but rather of the very much alive Alpha and her army of Whisperers, both of which featured prominently throughout season 9. The animalistic villains appear to be a central part of the new season and could lead to an all-out war at some point down the road.

Before we dive into any new additions to the cast, it's worth taking a quick trip down memory lane to remember the primary characters that the show lost in the catastrophically violent course of season 9. Rick Grimes may not be dead, but he disappeared early on, after he successfully blew up the bridge to stop a horde of zombies from gaining access. On top of that, there was the mysterious disappearance of Maggie Rhee. Adding to the list, we also have Jesus, who was killed off in the fading moments of the mid-season finale. And finally, there's season 9's penultimate episode, which ended with ten heads on pikes on Alpha's creepy new border wall, including Tara, Henry, Tammy, and Enid's.

Season 9 of The Walking Dead was highlighted by the departure of major cast members like Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, and it turned out that was just the beginning. Months before season 10's premiere, it was already a well-established fact that Danai Gurira, who plays the fearless Michonne, would be leaving the show at some point during the upcoming season. At this point, reports seem to indicate that Michonne will be present throughout most of the season, which should give viewers plenty of time to prepare for her exit. Keep watching the video to see more of The Walking Dead season 10 release date, trailer, cast and story!

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Trailer tease | 0:15
Who died last season? | 0:39
Michonne's departure | 1:12
First season survivors | 1:36
Carol and Alpha's showdown | 2:08
Villains all around | 3:15
Battling the environment | 4:09
Another time jump? | 5:09
Where's Rick? | 5:55
A brotherly reunion? | 6:34
Where's Maggie? | 7:30
No more source material | 8:38
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