Women's Rights (Alabama Tried It), Game of Thrones Info, Netflix, John Wick, Bill Nye + More

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So, this huge women's rights/human rights dilemma going on (not just in Alabama but in many other states) is really indicative of the type of messaging, mindsets, and intolerance that has been exacerbated by this current administration. These strict and unnecessary policies will result in the exact opposite of safety for women in this country especially BLEK women. I didn't blab too much about Game of Thrones...I just mentioned that there might be some hope for the prequels. I also ask for you thoughts on Mixed-ish because there was a trailer that was recently released. I express my excitement for John Wick Chapter 3 and Black Mirror which will both be coming pretty soon. Bill Nye really read us for filth in a video that went viral about climate change. Let's TALK girlies!
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